Dunn Loring Swim Club 2024 Dues Notice

January 31, 2024

This year’s dues is $680. Pay online via Member Splash or postal mail your check no later than March 15, 2024. Late fees are incurred if you fail to pay in time as noted below.

Instead of paying dues you can choose “Inactive” status and pay $135 for the season, or you can withdraw your membership. Inactive members may not access the facilities for the current season or change their status back to Active until the next season.

Payments are accepted ONLY online or mailed to the Club’s postal box. Payments cannot be accepted at the pool or anybody’s residence. Dues or Inactive fee unpaid by May 4 result in automatic “Involuntary Inactive” status for the season and a $210 fee, in addition to the two late fees ($100 total) for a final total of $310. This status is irreversible for the season and prevents accessing the facilities.

To pay your 2024 annual dues or go Inactive.
1. Login to Your Account
Go to WWW.DLSC.NET and click the [Member Portal] button on the DLSC homepage. Enter your Username and Password to go to your account page.

If the Account Requirements section appears, you must complete the requirement(s) noted in red before you can pay, and some menu options are inactive until then.

2. Review and Update Account Information
To the right of the Account Summary section, you will see 3 small blue dots stacked vertically. Click on the dots and select Edit Account Details. Change as needed and press Submit. Scroll down the page to check your emergency contact. To change this contact, click the 3 small blue dots to the right of Emergency Contact, select Edit Emergency Contact Info”, make your changes and press Submit.

Ignore ACCT#. DLSC Member Number is your DLSC number and is the number you and your household members provide to Front Desk staff at check in.

3. Opt-in to Membership Directory.
The online membership directory does not list your household information unless you opt-in. Opting-in shows name, email address, home phone and cell phone from your membership account record for each individual member in your household. The directory is visible only to members and summer renters after logging into their account. The directory cannot be downloaded. To opt-in, scroll down to Membership Directory and slide button to the right until it turns blue. You can see the directory by scrolling up to the top blue-ribbon menu and clicking [MEMBER DIRECTORY]. Click [ACCOUNT] to return to the account page.

4. Add or Delete a Household Member
Household members must permanently reside at the residence of record.

– To Delete a household member, locate the member in those listed and click the 3 small blue dots to the right. Select Delete. Deleting a membership co-owner eliminates their share of the equity refund when the membership withdraws or transfers. The entire refunded amount is paid only and entirely to the remaining membership owner.
– To Add a household member: under Members click the 3 small blue dots to the right and select Add Member to display the Add Member window. Click the pencil under the round circle at the top to add a photo. Click the grey space and select photo. After uploading the picture, fill out the form. Fields highlighted in red are required. Submit the form.

5. Upload Required Photos
Every household member requires a photo. Members over 16-year-old need only upload a photo once but members under 16 must submit a photo annually. To upload a picture, click on the 3 small dots to the right of the member’s name and select Add Photo. Click the pencil icon then click on the underscored arrow in the lower left-hand corner of the box to upload the file. Individual photos only – no group photos. Face must be visible – no hats, sunglasses. You must upload a photo, or the form will display an error message and you will not be able to submit it.

6. Provide Proof of Residency if Needed
Household members who are not the primary owners and older than 25 years require proof of residency. Under Members find the member with a blue icon (representing a piece of paper) displayed between the member photo member and name. Click on the icon and click on the Proof of Residency selection which will then display the form to upload the proof.

7. Make Your Payment
Under Account Summary, click Pay Now in the red box that states that “Your account payment status is currently unpaid.” If you are over 65 see the Senior Discount section below.

Your total due amount will include:
a. Any OPEN INVOICES (resulting from an unpaid “on account” guest fee from the previous season).
b. Debits or credits from prior seasons, if any, shown as ACCOUNT BALANCE.
c. Late fees (see below)

• Click the box at the right side of the screen to choose either Annual Dues ($680) or Inactive Fee ($135).
• Choose your payment method, click [NEXT] and follow instructions. If you pay by credit card there is an additional online service fee of $20.62 for Active members, $18.83 for Seniors 65+, $16.88 for Seniors 75+ or $4.34 for Inactive. The credit card processing company charges these fees and DLSC does not receive any part of the fees. If you pay by check, mail the check to DLSC, PO Box 87, Dunn Loring, VA 22027.

Senior Discount
Seniors who have been members at least 5 years qualify for a discounted annual dues rate — 65 and over $620, 75 and over $555. To check your current discount status, under Account Summary you will see Account Type. If your Account Type shows you are not receiving the appropriate discount:
o From [Your Membership] on the top of screen, select [Apply for Senior Discount] from the submenu.
o Fill out the form and click the [Send] button.
o Wait for the Business Manager to contact you before paying.

To Withdraw Your Membership
• Log in to your account (#1 above)
• Hover over [Your Membership] and select the [Withdraw or Transfer] submenu in the dark blue ribbon at the top of the screen and complete the form.

Late Fees Added to Your Bill
• Payment postmarked or paid online after March 18 /$45.
• Payment postmarked or paid online after April 18 /$55 in addition to late fees already incurred.

Kim D, Business Manager 703.698.0071 membership@dlsc.net