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  • Welcome to the Dunn Loring Swim Club!

    Since Dunn Loring Swim Club is restricted to a total of 625 member families, we can only offer new memberships as existing members resign, typically about 40 per year. But this varies considerably so we cannot predict how long you will wait. Our list currently has over 475 names. In 2024 the people offered membership had been on the list 5 years but you may be able to use the Club sooner via one of the pre-membership offers described below.

    The Dunn Loring Swim Club is a non-profit organization wholly owned and operated by its members. Each member purchases an Equity share of the Club and its facilities when they join. Presently, the Equity Share cost $900 which is refunded (minus outstanding fees) when you resign your membership. The other cost to join is an initial non-refundable fee of $475. Each year members also pay dues for the operation and maintenance. This Annual Dues payment is $680 in 2024, but the amount can change. Instead of paying the Annual Dues, members have the option for a fee of $135, of putting their membership on Inactive Status for the season. This option will, without exception, preclude any access to the facilities during that season for any person listed under that membership.

    Prior to a Full Membership offer, waitlist candidates may be able to access all pool facilities and activities via a Summer Rental costing $880. We offer about 70 of these rentals a season; but that number can vary widely as the actual number depends on how many members put their membership on Inactive during that season. We offer these Inactive spots as a Summer Rental. We cannot guarantee that you will, after receiving one, receive a Summer Rental in subsequent years.

    Finally, we offer an August-only Guest Pass to pool facilities – but not swim & dive team activities. This pass is offered to waitlist candidates starting with those who have been on the list the longest and did not receive a summer rental offer. If someone declines or does not respond within 24 hours, an offer is made to the next person on the waitlist until all the limited number of passes are accepted (usually 40). In 2024 the cost is $265

    • Offers are made in waitlist order, being made first to the candidates who have been on the list for the longest time.

    • Membership is only offered once to each candidate. If a membership is offered but declined or there is no response by the deadline, the candidate is permanently removed from the waitlist. This applies only to membership, not Summer Rental or August Guest pass opportunities which may be declined without change to your status or order on the waitlist.

    • Only perspective members can join the waitlist. When a membership is offered it can only be offered to and accepted by the name on the waitlist. We do not allow “stand-ins” or “swapping”.

    • There is nothing you need to do, nor can do, in order to receive or reserve these offers. They happen as part of the Club's normal operation.

    Please fill out the form below to add your name to the waitlist. A $55 Registration Fee is required Your name is added to the waitlist in order of receipt. We will notify you when Full Membership, Summer Rental or August Guest pass is available. If you have further questions, please e-mail the business manager at

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